PEN Club (P.E.N. - abbreviation of the words ”poets, essayists, novelists" is the  international  association of writers, which was founded in 1921 in England. The organization promotes the free exchange of ideas and declares against national, class and racial discrimination, against authoritarian governments and censorship. Members of the P.E.N.  which may only be  worthy writers, editors and translators, are required to apply the principles contained in the  declaration of the International P.E.N , called  the Card. The main activities of the Polish PEN Club is to create opinions,  defense the victimized writers in  the world,  organize public readings, discussions and literary conferences.

Since 1989 the annual prestigious literary prize of  Jan Parandowski  has been granted by the Polish PEN Club to outstanding Polish artists.

A branch of the Polish PEN Club was founded  in 1925 by Stefan Żeromski who  was its first President.  Currently this function is performed by  Adam Pomorski.  The honorary President is  Władysław Bartoszewski.



Polish PEN Club

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