The  Association of Polish Writers

As the preamble of the Statute states - “ the Association of Polish Writers  /SPP/ came into being  in accordance with the will of those writers who, despite the introduction of the martial law and  after the illegal termination of the Polish Writers Union in 1983, continued  creating  and sustaining of  independent literary life, as an important  part of  new civil society existance; the Association is based on the traditions of the Polish Writers Union formed in 1920”.

The terminated Union soon was restored by the current authorities, with writers loyal  to them.

Another group of members  with its former president Józef Szczepański, created  the Association of Polish Writers /SPP/. After its registration in 1989, the SPP became the main organization of writers in the free Republic of Poland. Currently it has over 900 members in eleven branches in Poland. The president of the largest one in Warsaw, with about  430 members, is Jacek Moskwa.

Chairman of the Board, for the second time is  Sergiusz Sterna Wachowiak.


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00-079 Warszawa

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