The Polish Writers' Union /ZLP/


The Polish Writers' Union is a continuation of the Polish Writers' Trade Union established by Stefan Żeromski in 1920. Restored in 1944, the Union changed its name to the Polish Writers' Union and its character – a trade union became an association of literary people.

During the martial law in 1981, it was suspended, and in 1983- terminated ( on the basic on 1920s and 1930s law of associations being a part of so-called muzzle laws). In the came year the Union restored its activities.

After its restoration the Union's structures  were quickly rebuilt. At present branches of ZLP are active in all voivodeship capitals as well as in Slupsk, Radom, Ciechanow, Plock.

They include 1300 members and candidates.

Presidents of the Unions Board were, subsiquently – Halina Auderska, Wojciech Żukrowski and Piotr Kuncewicz. Now, President is Marek Wawrzkiewicz.

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